Monday, December 15, 2008

Four Sections... Say what?!

The four sections in the Book of the Dead are a little weird in my opinion.

#1 How to protect the body in the tomb. What's that all about?! You don't need protection when your dead! Well to the Egyptians, it was CRAZY important! Why you ask? Because without protection, it'd be hard to survive in the Underworld. Therefore you couldn't move onto the Afterlife.

#2 How to make the journey to the Netherworld. Huh? Well it's kinda like the next world to them. Whenever you die you move onto another life, and start over. It's like our Heaven and Hell. Could be paradise... could be something that I don't to think about...

#3 How to pass the judgement of the gods. Godsssssss. How many gods were there anyway?! Actually there were 42! I know! Can you believe it?! You have to pass judgement of 42 different gods! I don't no about you, but I hope I never did anything to offend them... 'cause you know how some gods can hold a grudge for as long as they live in your mind and memory. And that's a LONG time!!!

#4 How to exist in the next world, after being accepted by the gods. Why do you need instructions on how to live your next life?? There's no point, right? Wrong. You lived your life, then died. So everything went ka-pooie. Splat gone like a bomb. Now you need to know how to do it all over again.

That's why this book is more of a guide than just a spell book. 'Cause you'll never know where it will all take you... as soon as everything's gone ka-pooie. :)

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