Monday, December 15, 2008

Recite... Ya right!

In front of gods? The SOUL had to recite stuff? What in the world?! Thirty-six sins? Wow, I know! Doesn't it seem crazy? Well to the Egyptians, it was serious stuff. If the soul couldn't list thirty-six sins that they had never committed, then they were on their way back to nowhere at all, except for their coffin. Yikes, that sure is some tough love from those gods. What about some statement? Oh yeah, they had to recite a formal statement of innocence; to prove that they weren't lying, and hadn't committed those sins. Gosh that would be SO nerve racking. For the soul to be thinking "This is it, make it or break it. If you screw up, then your next life will end." (In fact it will never begin.)

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