Monday, December 15, 2008

Pyramid and Coffin Texts... Wait like phone texts??

Pyramid and Coffin Texts, are different?? So your telling me that there's a difference in the way people text? Man, where have I been. Oops I think they were talking about spells from Ancient Egypt. Wow I'm kinda scaring myself here. Now back to the topic: Pyramid Texts were magical spells for the Pharaohs ONLY. Yet Coffin Texts could be used by anyone who could afford to have a coffin carved or painted, with magical inscriptions. That's funny. I mean I knew that Pharaohs got way cooler and specialer stuff... But a whole text full of magical spells that no one else had?? That's a tiny bit over the top in my mind. But I guess they were SUPER important, you know, being gods and all.

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