Thursday, December 11, 2008

Critizing... the Memorizing

Okay now, I'm surprised. Listen to this theory: the Egyptians used to memorize spells, but not in your ordinary sort of write three times kinda way. They would SHOUT AT THE TOP OF THEIR LUNGS!!!! Like this, over and over; hoping that the noise will help them remember the words after death. No offense but that's a little creepy. All of a sudden your neighbor starts shouting random spells and doesn't care if you hear. That would get kinda annoying. You know, SOME people (like me) want to sleep in the morning! Gosh it's like some of these Egyptians are getting too selfish. But you gotta love there ideas. :) Although it may annoying, think of what it could do to your voice box?? Shouting for a little while each day; trying to remember. Your voice could run out of it's voice box, and you couldn't memorize them. They would be useless when you die. Ugh that would suck for the Egyptians, but I think that would be very rare.

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