Monday, December 15, 2008

Spell Variety... Like Abracadabra??

Duh!!! Well of course there should be a variety of spells, it's a book full of them! But why to help them exist and survive in the next world?? Or to help the deceased enter the afterworld immediately after burial? Seems odd, doesn't it? What happened to abracadabra? I mean don't you think that if you lived your life once, you'd be able to do it again? Not quite because once you die everything goes kaa-pooie. And you need more guidance than you used to. In your first life, you knew how to do everything just from knowledge. Not this time. It's like you were brainwashed as soon as you died and nothing was coming back. That's how the spells from the Book of the Dead can help. They can help you restore your memory, and even breathe and eat. Like a baby being born, starting all over again. Boy that's gonna take a while though. :)

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